In rooms specially reserved for this purpose, from now on we will welcome your pet.
In order to make your stay and that of your pet as pleasant as possible and not cause any discomfort for the rest of the guests, we invite you to read the admission conditions:


  • PERMITTED ANIMALS: Dogs and cats. They cannot be left alone in the room, except for specific moments such as access to the spa or the dining room, the rest of the time they have to be with the client.
  • PRICE PER NIGHT / ANIMAL: € 12 (VAT included)
  • MAXIMUM SIZE: Up to 15 kg..
  • CLEANING SERVICE: The pet must be removed from the room when it is cleaned..
  • NOISE AND ANNOYANCE POLICY: In case of noise or annoyances caused by the pet, the hotel reserves the right to expel the client and the pet..